Schnitzelmaster, the professional answer to the meat


The SCHNITZELMASTER is a sturdy, high-quality kitchen tool with which you can process any boneless meat. SCHNITZELMASTER works with a new method to soften meat. With this procedure the meat fibres are neither pressed nor squeezed, they are overstretched, i.e. more juice remains in the meat. The equipment can be used where meat battering is “work”. With this machine you can process all kinds of meat. Schnitzelmaster replaces the meat mallet Mastern®  Advantages of the Schnitzelmaster Saves 50 percent work time compared to the meat mallet. Meat thickness is individually selectable. Constant cooking time due to identical meat thickness. Little loss of meat juice. You can prepare meat in advance. With this equipment new dishes can be created Working with Schnitzelmaster is noiseless. Working with Schnitzelmaster is clean. Working with Schnitzelmaster is more hygienic. Working with Schnitzelmaster requires little energy. Everybody can use the Schmitzelmaster. The machine is very easy to assemble and disassemble. The dishwasher cleans your Schnitzelmaster in a wink of time. Excellent customer service guarantees your satisfaction.       The precondition to get best results from your side: Good meat quality
Meat will be meat If you work with the  Schnitzelmaster, the meat will be in his charakter still fresh meat. The structure is retained. Certificate LMU München confirms   the operation of the  Schnitzelmaster.
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